How does this all work?

Eagle Wireless peers with major Tier 1 content providers to provide a fast, low latency internet experience. Our backbone is supplied by redundant fiber. We distribute our internet connections locally via Wireless, Fiber and Ethernet.

Is this just wifi?

No, Eagle Wireless uses dedicated Microwave frequencies to deliver our Point to Point and Point to Multi Point internet. We use many frequencies from 6Ghz to 60Ghz depending on Distance, terrain and height. Each link is engineered, verified and tested before we consider our service installed.

Is this safe and legal?

It most definitely is, we follow industry standards for RF and Electrical safety practice. Eagle Wireless is a registered Wireless Internet Service Provider.

What will this look like?

Every installation is custom. We have a variety of antennas and mounts at our disposal, and some installations will require our custom designs. See below for some examples of our installations. Our typical unit is 6″x3″. It can be mounted on a variety of different locations, but the key to have an unobstructed view on a stable mounting point.